Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here Comes Mr. Lin

Jeremy Lin Blog

Last year he shot 4-10 from the field with 2 steals, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, and 5 turnovers in 30 min. in the Smith Center. However, that was last year and this year he is a legitimate threat to drop 25+. After putting up 30 against UCONN and 25 against BC, he has become a proven scorer. At the same time he will turn the ball over and that will be the key once against for the Colonials. Hopefully Hobbs utilizes our quick guards and lanky forwards to double Lin. We must make him go left and make sure we fight through the screens. This may be one of the few games where FKH will give Hobbs the "green light" to NOT guard the three point line as Harvard isnt the greatest 3 point shooting team. They are shooting a measly 31% behind the arc.

We believe that GW will get their 10th win of the season in dramatic fashion. GW by 4 as Hollis seals it with free throws down the stretch.

We will provide updates via our new Twitter page.

We leave you with this.

FKH's All-Decade Team

First Team
G Carl Elliott- Winningest Colonial Ever. Record GW's only Triple-Double, 2nd in career assists and steals at GW.

G SirValiant Brown- holds GW single-season scoring record (99-00). Second in D-1 in scoring during 99-00 season.

F Rob Diggs- 32nd on GW's Scoring List and 2nd in career blocks. One of the greatest athletes to play in the Smith Center.

F Mike Hall- 4-year starter. One of GW's most unselfish players.

F Pops Mensah Bonsu- The Mayor of Foggy Bottom. Enough Said.

Honorable Mention: TJ Thompson, Maureece Rice, Chris Monroe, JR Pinnock, Omar Williams

Monday, December 28, 2009

Recap: So that puts us at 9.

GW had another early lead only to watch it almost disappear in the end. Up by 14 in the half, Hobbs continued to let Holy Cross' Devin Brown shoot wide open three pointers. Most coaches would decide to guard Brown's 3-pt shot but not Karl Hobbs. In the end Brown finished 5-7 from 3pt range and almost stealing the game from the Colonials. Did Hobbs not know that Brown shot 5-7 3pt range against Sacred Heart in his last game?

On the bright side, we are 9-2 and sitting pretty. Today really solidified the emergence of Tony Taylor and the downfall of Travis King. While King had 3 assists and played decent defense, he is definitely no longer THE Point Guard. Taylor with some excepts had a great game. 10 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds, and 1 steal is a great stat line while getting more playing time than any other Colonial. In fact he is averaging Carl Elliott-esque minutes for GW. We wager that Hobbs just really likes him.

In the end we are 9-2 and will be facing a dangerous Harvard squad after squeaking by against Holy Cross 70-68. The Harvard game could make or break our season. It was around this time last year when the season came crashing down. This game will be a test to see how good we really are prior to the start of A-10 play. Havard's Jeremy Lin may be one of the best players we face all season. Dime has done couple articles about him. One on their near upset of UConn.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Preview: 12/22 @ECU

GW 7-2 @ ECU 5-6. 7pm

  • ECU leads the series 8-5.
  • ECU and GW both have 6 Freshmen on the roster. Yet, none of ECU's freshmen have contributed.
  • The C-USA Preseason media poll picked ECU to finish 11th in the conference.
  • ECU has faltered against BCS and Mid-Majors this year. They lost to a talented Wake Forest squad by 30+, a ranked Tennessee team, @ A-10's UNC-C, at home to Clemson and to Northern Iowa. Their most impressive win to date is against UNC-Greensboro on the road. They have beaten 3 non-Div. I opponents.
  • ECU relies mostly on the Guards to do much of the scoring but will turn the ball over consistently
  • gives them a 31% chance to win the game.
  • Vegas lists us as a 3 point underdog.

Key Players- ECU
  • Brock Young, a 5-11 guard is averaging 15.1 points including a season high of 24 pts against UNCC. The Young-Taylor match-up will be exciting to watch as Taylor will have his hands full with ECU's Young. While he is averaging 6 assists a game he is also averages 5 turnovers a game. FKH predicts GW to intercept some of his errant passes as GW's press will ultimately allow GW to come away with the win.
  • Jontae Sherrod who is 2nd on the team in scoring with 13 points a game also has trouble with turnovers. His A/T rate is an abysmal .79 for a guard. After a decent start, he has had trouble getting his shots to fall from the field. In his last game he played the entire 40 min while going 6-17 from the field following a 3-12 night against Clemson.
  • Darrius Murrow is ECU's big man. He is listed as 6-8 250 lbs. He has been averaging 12.4 points while almost 7 rebs a game and shooting 60% from the field. Murrow could cause matchup problems for our lanky big men who have a tendency to get pushed around by wider men who shoot high percentage shots. Stopping Murrow from dominating inside on the boards will be important.
  • FKH is predicting a cool 78-61 win by the Colonials. We expect to dominate the game with fast break points and force turnovers. The 3 Keys to this game will be Hollis creating his own shot, creating turnovers, and stopping Murrow because their guards will get their points when they break our trap.
  • We think the smart money goes on the underdogs.

Found: Matt Allbritton

We recently were wondering what happened to those players who had transferred from GW in the previous seasons. Well we found Matt Allbritton still playing college ball. He was a widely talked about player last year on other sites such as However, he is not at a D-I school. Despite press articles from news outlets in Texas, he is not enrolled at University of Texas- Pan American. We are not sure whether he did not make the team or if he decided to leave due to the coaching change at UTPA.

He is currently playing (and this is no joke) at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas. The school is in the so-called Red River Athletic Conference in the NAIA. The team is currently 3-6 and is scheduled to play an "exhibition game" against Centenary College which is an D-1 program. It will be interesting to see how the former Colonial performs against D-1 opponents.

Matt has been performing really well for SAGU. He is averaging a team best 13.2 points a game while leading the team in field goals made and three pointers made. In the last two games he is shooting 11-19 from 3 point range and is averaging a cool 20 points per game. You can track his team at

It is evident that while he may have not been a good fit at an A-10 school, he can definitely play college ball. We hope Matt has a great season at SAGU and he continues to succeed on the court. It was not his fault that GW recruited him and we wish him all the best.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

FKH is back!

Due to ridiculous substitution patterns by Hobbs, we have decided to come back regardless of the team's surprising record. While Hobbs does deserve some credit for this record, we FKHers would like to congratulate the players and Brian Ellerbe on being the main reason our GW Colonials have a winning record.

We would like to point out that during the Providence game, Freshman Sensation and over all good guy Lasan Kromah had 13 points at halftime. With 15 min left in the game Hobbs decides to yank Kromah out until 7 min left in the game Why was our 2nd best shooter riding the bench during a high-scoring game?

Did he think we were going to mcut a 13 pt deficit with a line up of Katuka, Pellom, Tony Taylor, Bynes, and Ware? If Hollis and Kromah dont play down the stretch, we will struggle to score 60+ against any DI team. The reason why Hobbs cant beat a BCS team is because he has a tough time differentiating between our best players and our scrubs.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hobbs looking forward to another LOSING season.

from his twitter.

  1. Two months from today: 1st jump ball of 2009-2010 campaign. Can't wait!
If we win 9 games this year, FKH will nominate him for coach of the year.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NewsFlash "Hobbs to be named Charlotte Bobcats Head Coach in...2019"

We are predicting that our main man Karl Hobbs will be a head coach in the NBA in a decade. This is only of course if history repeats itself. Apparently some old fart by the name of John Dewitt Kuester Jr. will be the next head coach of the Detroit Pistons. This is the same guy that went 1-27 in 1988-1989 with The George Washington University. In fact, he never had a winning season with GW which was his actual head coaching job. If history repeats itself we only need to ride out this midget and years from now he will some how find a way to terrorize opposing teams with his complicated offensive plays. We at FKH can't wait to watch Hobbs ruin an NBA franchise and yell at people during a press conference. Do you think NBA players will take him seriously? We do not think so. Hell, college kids do not even take him seriously.  

Monday, June 22, 2009

[Updated]: Hobbs gets a new man-toy.

It goes by the name of Brian Ellerbe who will be Hobbs' assistant this year as Mr. Brooks left for his alma mater Bowie State.  Brian here is a Maryland native who coincidentally went to Bowie High. He coached @ Loyola-Md from 94-97 and then @ U-Mich.  from 97-01 where he was 2 games over .500.  He managed to win the Big Ten Tournament. Yet, most of his wins have been nullified due to the GREAT Chris Webber Scandal. In 98 his Big Blue squad was placed in the same South region as GW. He advanced to the 2nd round while GW did not. More on this hiring and the long term effects on Hobbs' sanity. We will also dig up where Mr. Ellerbe has been hiding during the Bush Administration. FKH puts our odds on Ellerbe chilling in Africa with Dave Chapelle in South Africa. 


According to Sir Brian's online CV from the years '01-'03, he could have been either in Michigan (watching the beginning of the end of GM), Darkar, Senegal (in search for the next Mouhamed Sene), or with previously mentioned Dave Chappelle. However starting May of 2004 he decided to get off his ass and go to work (but not as a coach). In fact as the Vice President of Corporate Development of this company called Madison Grace Construction Services LLC in Las Vegas, NV. This has been his last position that he has held until now of course. How can Hobbs manage to hire someone that hasn't been in the game for more than 8 years. Will his company exec skills translate into player development? I doubt those skills translate into teaching  the fundamentals of basketball not only to Karl Hobbs but to incoming Freshman. 

The bad about Mr. Ellerbe from the Detroit Free-Press.

"The Brian Ellerbe era was a disaster, of course – worse, even, than people remember. Over a three-year period, Ellerbe signed 14 recruits. Nine never made it past their freshman season, mostly for acting like they were in a sequel to Animal House."

Ouch. If this trend continues for Ellerbe at GW. We wont notice a difference because, the same thing has been happening under Hobbs for the last couple of years. I guess when you have hit rock bottom, you really cant get any worse. This brings us ladies and gentlemen to BRIAN "I dont give a f***" ELLERBE.

PS. I think Coach (if we can even call him that) Hobbs would like for you to update your LinkedIn account. We hear Hoobs is anxious to show us that someone in this world is still willing to associate themself with his horrid program. We would also like Mr. Ellerbe to change his interests to solely "college basketball". We want him to cut all this "college football" and "playing golf" crap out.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Career Ruined: Xavier Alexander

I seems as if Xavier Alexander is going to play some NAIA ball next year for Southern Nazarene University. The once highly touted recruit who turned down multiple BCS schools has fallen hard. While SNU's academics (100% acceptance rate) is nothing to brag about, their basketball team did manage to win 20 games last season. So it looks like X is going from an A-10 school to a decent NAIA program back home. At least it is a better situation than what Miles Beatty and the recently graduated Chey Moore are in. In all honesty if Matt Allbritton could get on a D-1 team, there is no reason X couldn't. The most disturbing part of this whole ordeal is that, the school waited 4 months to release X from the program. Yet, X is another example of how Hobbs managed to turn a highly touted recruit (who has the backing of the future number 1 NBA draft pick) into just another transfer to an NAIA school . Way to screw the kid over... Was Hobbsie afraid that X may go to another A-10 school?

Our favorite quote from the article 

Keep in mind that X left GW in Jan. We wish him the best and hopes he makes his free throws. FKH would like to wager that his free throw % goes up at least 20% at SNU because they have REAL coaches.

"After leaving GW, Alexander didn't get his release until late May. Waiting four months to get his release made it tough to find a home since schools couldn't contact the former Oklahoman Super Five member. Once he did receive the release, many Division I schools, including OU and Oklahoma State, no longer had scholarships available."

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kopono-Evans Trade that forces Pops out.

Maybe the honorary mayor of Foggy Bottom can come coach the Colonials this year because it looks like the Raptors trade for Reggie Evans essentially is a move to replace Pops. 

"The first impact is that it probably spells the end of Pops Mensah-Bonsu's career in Toronto. While he was an immediate fan favorite with his hustle and energy, Evans simply does the same things a lot better and with a lot more consistency. Evans simply takes that role a step further and makes a player like Pops redundant."

So where does Pops go now?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Matt Allbritton "Highlight Video"

It is hard to really count missed shots and wide open passes as "highlights". Somebody apparently forgot to tell Matt's dad that. How this guy got offered a scholarship or something involving atheletics is mind-boggling. Yet so is sending 6 men on to the court against Dayton or managing to lose to the likes of Longwood. My favorite part about this video is the fact that they use the same footage over again. Daddy obviously had very little to work with. 

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pops to leave the NBA?

"There are rumors in many different european media about a possible deal of ghanaian power forward Pops Mensah-Bonsu (2.06-PF) will be signing a 2+1 seasons deal with Maccabi Tel Aviv. Bonsu becomes another player in a very long list of players that have been associated with rumors to Maccabi. He signed a 10-day contract with San Antonio back in February and after that he signed with the Raptors."

It would be a bad move in our opinion to let Pops leave the Raptors. In 22 games he averaged 13 min scoring 5 pts and snagging 5 rebs per game. He would make a decent role player for many NBA teams such as the Raptors who have laughable players such as Jake Voskuhl and Patrick O'Bryant.

How can you say "no" to Pops.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pops to NBA...soon.

Pops is just killing his opponents in the D league. He is averaging 3 blocks a game and over 20 pts.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Great News in Austin

Pops is throwing down State-side.

23 points and 12 rebs with one swat. He went 9-16 from the field against the Tulsa 66ers

Oh by the way. They won too.

You can get your Pops here at FKH.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

WTF! GW last in A-10

There really isnt anything to say right now other than we should be winning these games. If you have a lead in 4 consecutive games late in the 2nd half, you should win AT LEAST ONE. Whose fault is this? The players who cant close or the coach the puts seldom (and we mean seldom) played Jabari Edwards late in games as if he is "a secret weapon".  We really do not have to say much anymore to convince people that our coach is not a good coach. According to we are behind perennial powerhouses such as Montana St. (#202) and Montana (#190). Oh we are DEAD LAST in the A-10. A conference that we won less than 4 years ago.  Most of the players are gone from that team that went to the 2nd round of the NCAAs but there has been one constant... guess who? 

Yep thats Karl Hobbs.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FKH Prediction.

Hobbs gets fired at halftime with GW leading the Explorers. The Colonials end up winning by 15 as they maintain their lead and save a timeout for the last 5 minutes of the game. All is well in Foggy Bottom after that...

La Salle

I haven't cried in quite sometime, but if we lose to La Salle I may actually cry....0-6 in our mediocre conference is just purely unacceptable.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Colonials Fall for Ninth Straight Game in Another Heart-Breaking Loss

The George Washington University Colonials (6-11) lost their ninth straight game on Sunday afternoon, 94-89 in Double Overtime to the Rams of the University of Rhode Island.

What can you say about a game like this? I watched the whole game and thought we played amazing. Diggs was awesome with 20 points and 6 boards (though he fouled out waaaayyyyyyyyy too early), Ware showed more flashes of brilliance, and Wilmore hit some amazingly clutch shots and freethrows.

The game came down to 2 possessions the Colonials had at the end of regulation and OT when the game was tied and we had the ball with 15+ seconds left. Both plays were absolutely horrible and ended up amounting to nothing. This is unnaceptable and execution HAS to be better in these clutch situations.

The fact is.....we fold under pressure. We play great first halfs against good teams and then still lose EVERY GAME. This is the fourth straight game we have had the lead at halftime, only to see it slip away slowly but surely throughout the rest of the game.

We have the talent to be an average or even above average A10 team, of that I am sure. Diggs, Hollis, Wilmore, and Spoon are all legit A10 starters and TT, ware, TK1, and others can contribute when needed. The execution just isnt there all the time. We need better training, better coaching, and most importantly a BETTER COACH.

I feel so damn bad for these guys who I honestly believe are busting their asses every day to try and win for the fans of GW. I place ZERO percent of the blame on any of the players. A COACH NEEDS TO BE A MAN AND STEP UP AND TAKE THE BLAME. HOBBS NEVER DOES THIS. HE BLAMES THE FANS, PLAYERS, AND EVERYONE BESIDES HIMSELF.


To Diggs, Hollis, Spoon, TK1, and everyone else.....keep on keepin on we'll always be here to support you.

  • "They kids are coming to practicing hard. They are coming to practice" Wow! They come to practice. What a great motivator.
  • When asked what the difference in the game was Hobbs answered, "They made more shots than we did." No really? Wow.
  • "Phyicalness" Is that a word?
  • When aked why Katuka did not play. The reporter asked if he was injured. "No... I really dont understand the question. I know you guys look for things...It is hard for me to talk about Joesph Katuka. You can ask me why Peter [Laplante] didnt play....It is not fair to Joesph Katuka for me to talk about Joseph Katuka." Jesus. So first of all Hobbs is a douche but we all knew that. We didnt know that he equates Katuka's basketball ability to Laplante's. Now that is a diss if I ever saw one. We think its fair that Hobbs is honest with us and Katuka on why Katuka didnt play. He perfectly understood that question. He chose to be a DOUCHE.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

the 6th Man

Hobbs sends 6 men out there. I guess he thought he could get away with it.  Folks this is the 2nd time this has happened in the last two years. The last time was early in the OOC schedule last year at home. This just amuses me. How is he so retarded.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Picture of the Week.

Going with the Obama Fever. I laughed too much when I saw this. A poster from created this little number.


Preview of GW-Dayton Game.

from a Dayton blog who did not get their facts straight.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

News Flash: Dunce of the Year!

Karl Hobbs is an idiot! Hobbs made a crucial mistake that allowed GW to drop another game. With a 4 second difference between the end of the game and the shot clock and down by one, Hobbs tells his players not to foul the SLU player. Instead of having the opponent shoot a 1 and 1 and get the ball back with about 20 seconds, Hobbs instead went for the steal. Everyone knows that it takes a near miracle to score with three seconds left in the game while the ball is on your side of the court. Wouldn't you rather be down 2 or 3 with 2o seconds left than be down 1or 3 with :03 left on the game clock? I would.

Yet, lets give Mr. Hobbs some credit. I say this because we GW fans have been relegated to giving him credit for doing things that he is supposed to do. These things include: brushing his teeth, getting dressed in the morning, and playing your best players. Yesterday, Spoon showed why he is the most complete BASKETBALL player on the team. He kept GW in the game by doing a little bit of everything. He deserves to play more minutes than anyone (other than Diggs) this year. So kudos to Karl Hobbs for letting Spoon lead the team in minutes played last night.

On the flip side Opoku started and committed two fouls in the first two minutes of the game. Why does he start over Katuka? If i were Joseph Katuka, I would be just shaking my head every time Opoku gets sent into the game over myself. If there concept of "fouling out" did not exist and if Opoku were to play the entire game at this rate Opoku would commit an average of over 9 fouls for every 40 minutes. WOW.

Karl Hobbs You Have Lost Seven In A Row. Please Leave.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Last year's SLU Game

We Sucked Last Year. We Just Stink this Year.

Thats All.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

X gone. Joe next?

So X has left GW. The same guy who was named Oklahoma 5A MVP and was offered scholarships by BCS schools and decent mid-majors who would defeat the current GW squad without breaking a sweat. Granted X is a challenged offensive player who may have been the best player on the squad in terms of "taking the ball to the hoop".  Unfortunately his drives rarely led to points. He now leaves GW with a abysmal FG and a even worse FT shooting percentage. Yet even with his offensive shortfalls one can argue that he was one Hobbs' better defenders and a great athlete

Let's not focus on X but Hobbs. He has now "recruited" four players who have left GW for various reasons in the last 12 months.  Are there any other basketball program in the country have had four players leave school for reasons not involving "legal issues". I really doubt so. Not only is Hobbs playing musical chairs with the substitution pattern on the court but also the team's roster. How bad must have X been treated at GW if he CHOOSE to leave GW in the middle of the season. This rate has got to hurt our recruiting efforts. It also proves that Hobbs cannot recruit kids that (a) he can get along with (b) survive at GW and (c) play at a DI level (ex. shoot see Chey Moore, Beatty, X).

This brings us to our next question... who does Lord Hobbs kick off the island next.

FKH odds are listed below

  • Jabari- 50-1. Sees very minimal playing time. rarely dresses up. Koundjia has dressed up more often this season than Jabari has.
  • Johnny Lee- 25-1. He realizes Hobbs is an idiot and punches him in the face.
  • Matty All- 250-1. He knows no DI program (including winless NJIT) wants him so he stays for the full ride.
  • Opoku-150-1. Hobbs Loves Him still....I guess Hobbs has yet to see him play because he has been too busy kicking people off the team.
  • Katuka- 8-5. Odds on favorite right now. Hasn't seen action in the last couple of games. When Jabari gets more PT, you must be in the doghouse.
  • Hollis- 20-1. Says f*** you Hobbs. Leaves before season ends. Goes pro. Signs with a team in Europe. 
  • Diggs- 300-1. If Hobbs ever kicked this man-child out of Foggy Bottom, he would most definitelyfollow.
  • Hobbs- 2-1. Gets upset at himself for failing to catch a ball that gets deflected his way. As a result he banishes himself during the next timeout. GW goes undefeated the rest of the way as Diggs avgs 20/10 and Spoon helps him out with a solid 15pts 5 rebs 3 ast per game.

For Some Reason Karl Hobbs Plays Johnny Lee for the entire second half and GW blows a game they lead the whole way

The GW Men's Basketball team lost their sixth straight game today to the Duquesne University Dukes tonight, blowing a 70-60 lead with seven minutes to go and eventually losing 88-83.

It took a lot to lose this game, but Karl Hobbs figured out a way. Playing a 5'8 walk-on guard for the last ten minutes probably contibuted, as did the continuing random substitutions which made the entire game look like a game of musical chairs.

Our team showed flashes of brilliance again tonight, with Rob Diggs going off for 25 points and Wilmore and Witherspoon contributing sound games as well. However, at the end it looked as if the Colonials knew they were going to lose even before they let the lead slip away. There was no sense of urgency as the lead dwindled slowly and surely throughout the second half. A few missed clutch free throws by Lee and Diggs and a ton of wide-open threes for the Dukes sealed the loss in the end.

The fundamental question that comes to mind after seeing the Colonials play their best half of basketball this season and then just complete implode down the stretch is: Why did Johnny Lee remain on the court for the entire collapse. He is a great story, and a kind of cult-hero on GW's campus, but it is embarrassing for our team to have him RUNNING THE POINT during cruch time of an important A-10 battle. The moves made by our "coach" continue to baffle me.


UPDATED: Dukes Game on TV, X Gone

Here are the links

Hatchet Blog

We at FKH are stunned to see the 4th person in less than a year to get kicked off the team. We will find out at tip-off wont we. More later.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Not that Hobbs was really going for a at-large when he scheduled Sac St., Longwood, UMBC, and Binghampton as part of a ruthless Out-of-Conference schedule. According to the Ken Pomeroy Ratings we are ranked 244 out of 344.

Note the best win  Hobbs has is against American. has us finishing 10-18 and 4-12 in the A-10. I think they are factoring the fact that Hobbs is going to get fired before we play Fordham on Feb. 7th

Since Hobbs called us a "young team". We are FKH would just like to say that of the 7 teams that Hobbs has lost to, 4 of them have had younger teams. Hobbs is fielding the 157th oldest team in the nation. That means that we do not lack experience. 

GW amazingly isnt the worst Free Throw shooting team in the country. In fact they are 303rd best Free Throw shooting team. wow. At least we are not Morgan St. (who is ranked 319th in Free Throw%) .. Oh Wait.. they just beat UMD and boast a better RPI. This is the same program that went 4-26 three seasons ago..You think their coach Todd Bozeman may want to be reunited with his brother (Mike is the women's head coach)? How sick would that be? And if he is successful on the court, GW can say they gave somebody a second chance to get back into the spotlight despite his previous troubles. Everybody deserves a 2nd chance including Todd Bozeman.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Hobbs on the Hot Seat!!!

Unlike many institutions at GW, the sports section of the GW Hatchet does its job correctly. If you haven't read this article in today's hatchet, it is a necessary read. 

Some of the quotes from this article include.

"But Hobbs will not be fired this season, said Robert Chernak...who oversees athletics...acknowledged, though, that the University may have to "make some changes" if the team does not finish 12th or better in the A-10 and subsequently misses the conference tournament for a second straight year."

- So it seems that we must root for Hobbs to seriously mess something up legally OR lose many games. Personally I want us to run the table and do well in the A-10. Yet, for us to get rid of the devil it seems we have to sacrifice a campaign. We may just have to take a step backwards to take two steps forward.

"In this situation, you can't ignore that if the season goes really south and sour we would have to some real heart-to-heart conversations with Coach Hobbs in terms of what we expect going forward if he wants to remain coach at GW," said Chernak"

- In my opinion we are basically in the Florida Keys in terms how south this program has gone. Three players kicked off last season including 1 award winning senior. Losing 5 in a row to major powerhouses (including Longwood, Hawaii, Coppin St.).

"When asked the reason for the team's losses in Hawaii, Hobbs said the problems stemmed from players "not being mature enough and understanding the importance of being in a tournament and getting themselves mentally ready for games." Later, he acknowledged the responsibility of making sure the team is prepared partly lies with him."

-He is a comedian. Preparation lies FULLY with him. He is the coach. If the team does not understand the gameplan who is to blame? The players or the head coach? If the American army is not prepared to handle a certain war who is to blame the soldiers or the commander? THE COMMANDER. Coach, YOU ARE NOT MATURE ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BEING A COACH.

"Hobbs added. "The loyal fans, I know who they are. The people who understand what we're doing as a basketball program, that's who I listen to."

-Who are these people? Your wife, momma, and uncle Joe? Or is it your car salesman. Since you love collecting expensive cars why don't you skip practice and go shopping. Practice seems pointless at this point. Hell the players apparently aren't mature enough, right?

I will leave you with this. Who looks immature in this picture. the players or the coach? Way to throw your players under the bus.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Picture of the Week.

He should just quit to save himself from further embarrasment.  If this was what he was doing during the 2nd half, he must have been running out of the building in the first half. Now that I mention it, he should have just left the building so the team can relax and play their game without being yelled at every 10 seconds.

The Dirtiest Stats of the GW season.

  • Diggs 13 games only 11 started. He should be starting every game.
  • Tony Taylor 29.2 min per game. Leads the team in min. A freshman is leading the team in minutes. Granted he can be good someday but with multiple seniors on the team how is he getting the most min?
  • TT shooting .307% from the field. and he has taken the fourth most attempts. He is shooting better from 3pt range. (.310%).
  • X is shooting guess what .325 from the FT line. 
  • Spoon has YET to go to the line. WOW.
  • Team is shooting .627% from the line. Thats just not acceptable. 
  • Seldom played Opoku has 31 fouls in 146 min. Thats a foul every 4min and 45 sec.
  • They say in every sport that you hae to take care of the ball to have a chance to win:
  • Diggs 9 ast. 36 To. Hollis 13 ast. 35 To. Only three players have a favorable ratio TT (37/25) King (34/24) and surprisingly Spoon (20/5). WHY DOESNT SPOON PLAY AS MUCH AS TT?
  • On the year GW Ast/To ratio is 200/158.

You cant win if you dont take care of the ball and fail to make your Free Throws.

This is this coach's job to make sure that turnovers are held to a minimum. He is also supposed to teach them how to shoot.

Embarrassing Season Continues with 60-48 Loss to Richmond

The Colonials Lost their fifth straight game last night, 60-48, to the University of Richmond Spiders. A furious second half rally was not enough to bring GW back, as they found themselves down 34-14 at halftime.

Karl Hobbs explained the latest in a string of embarrassing losses by saying "we're a young team". YOUNG????? Our "best" players are Diggs, Spoon, Wilmore, and Hollis; 3 seniors and 1 junior. Young indeed.

For some reason Diggs, BY FAR OUR BEST PLAYER, sat for almost ten minutes in the first half as Wilmore, King, and Taylor threw up ridiculous shots after wasting the shot clock by passing the ball around near mid-court. The second half rally was 100% Diggs and Spoon. OH MY GOD WHAT A SHOCK.

This season is getting ridiculous. Mediocre high school basketball teams could have score as many baskets (3) as we did against a below-average A-10 team. It was by far the worst half of basketball I witnessed in my 3 years at GW, and probably the worst display by any athletic team I have ever seen in my life.



Friday, January 9, 2009

Former Colonial Great Pops Mensah-Bonsu Close to NBA Return?

According to multiple sources, including Basketball 24/7 and HoopsHype, former GW superstar Pops Mensah-Bonsu is nearing a return to the NBA with the Dallas Mavericks. Mensah-Bonsu, who had previously been on the Mavericks' roster before heading to Europe, said in an interview recently:

"I feel real confident about me being in the NBA this year, I definitely have high hopes. and I'm very positive about what's going to happen to me."You know the last time I played basketball I was playing pretty decent, and before I got hurt I was playing at a high level. "I've got some things lined up, and I feel real confident in the next month or so I should be back in the NBA."

We here at FKH are HUGE Pops fans and wish him nothing but the best in his journey back to the NBA.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

GW Loses Nail-biter to Longwood 80-78

That is not a typo............

The George Washington Univeristy Colonials (6-6) just lost to the Longwood Lancers (7-8) to extend their losing streak to 4 games.

Perhaps it is the extremely tough schedule that has led to 4 consecutive losses, as GW has recently battled such powerhouses as University of Hawaii and Coppin State.

Like that last line, this season is becoming a joke. This team and its coach are bringing shame to our university. This program is in need of a complete overhaul and it starts with Karl Hobbs, whose rediculous substitutions and random benchings are the root of this god-awful season.

On a somewhat positive note, my two favorite Colonials, Rob Diggs and Travis "TK1" King both had solid games, with Diggs scoring 20 points and and King adding 14 with 6 assists.

It was all for naught though, as GW lost AGAIN. As the we reach the begining of conference play, one can only wonder WHEN WILL IT END???????

Would you rather have.... Hobbs or McKeown?

According to the Hatchet

"Hobbs is a surprise pick by the University. Women's head coach Joe McKeown, who has coached GW's nationally ranked program for 12 years, interviewed twice for the job and was offered the position, according to a May 6 Washington Post article. McKeown said GW never made an offer to him. He pulled his name from contention Friday. ..
Hobbs beat out Kevin Clarke, a former associate head coach at GW and a current associate under Mike Jarvis at St John's University. Both McKeown and Clarke had interviewed Saturday for the position. They were the leading contenders for the position after University of North Carolina-Greensboro head coach Fran McCaffery withdrew his name Friday."

Granted Hobbs has led GW to three NCAAs but wouldnt we want a "nice and well meaning guy" as a coach. Not saying McKeown would have had neither more nor less success than Hobbs but it would be nice knowing that the guy running the men's program does not have a Ego the size of the Verizon Center.

Personally McKeown might not be the better recruiter but I can guarentee you that he would not have lost his team and a game (against Coppin St.) in the same day. Also he does not make mass subs when his team makes a run. Interestingly he is known to still have timeouts remaining with more than 12 min left in the game.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss......this team just lost to Vermont and Hawaii!?!?!?!?!?

Hint.. he is in the middle.

Does this look like a team that just lost to Vermont and Hawaii and is about to lose to Coppin State? Hope they all got a tan though because that is the most important part.

Notice Spoon got banished to the back in this team photo. Does Hobbs hate him that much?