Sunday, January 18, 2009

News Flash: Dunce of the Year!

Karl Hobbs is an idiot! Hobbs made a crucial mistake that allowed GW to drop another game. With a 4 second difference between the end of the game and the shot clock and down by one, Hobbs tells his players not to foul the SLU player. Instead of having the opponent shoot a 1 and 1 and get the ball back with about 20 seconds, Hobbs instead went for the steal. Everyone knows that it takes a near miracle to score with three seconds left in the game while the ball is on your side of the court. Wouldn't you rather be down 2 or 3 with 2o seconds left than be down 1or 3 with :03 left on the game clock? I would.

Yet, lets give Mr. Hobbs some credit. I say this because we GW fans have been relegated to giving him credit for doing things that he is supposed to do. These things include: brushing his teeth, getting dressed in the morning, and playing your best players. Yesterday, Spoon showed why he is the most complete BASKETBALL player on the team. He kept GW in the game by doing a little bit of everything. He deserves to play more minutes than anyone (other than Diggs) this year. So kudos to Karl Hobbs for letting Spoon lead the team in minutes played last night.

On the flip side Opoku started and committed two fouls in the first two minutes of the game. Why does he start over Katuka? If i were Joseph Katuka, I would be just shaking my head every time Opoku gets sent into the game over myself. If there concept of "fouling out" did not exist and if Opoku were to play the entire game at this rate Opoku would commit an average of over 9 fouls for every 40 minutes. WOW.

Karl Hobbs You Have Lost Seven In A Row. Please Leave.


  1. do you think that when you call somebody else "a idiot" you should use the appropriate grammar. I mean, to criticize a coach for what he does during his job in the public domain, you should realize how idiotic it sounds when your sentence calling somebody else an idiot is improper.

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  3. i'm just going to throw this out there, but your grammar/diction is pretty pathetic Anonymous 1.

  4. now that is funny. keep up the good work FKH

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