Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Not that Hobbs was really going for a at-large when he scheduled Sac St., Longwood, UMBC, and Binghampton as part of a ruthless Out-of-Conference schedule. According to the Ken Pomeroy Ratings we are ranked 244 out of 344.

Note the best win  Hobbs has is against American. Kenpom.com has us finishing 10-18 and 4-12 in the A-10. I think they are factoring the fact that Hobbs is going to get fired before we play Fordham on Feb. 7th

Since Hobbs called us a "young team". We are FKH would just like to say that of the 7 teams that Hobbs has lost to, 4 of them have had younger teams. Hobbs is fielding the 157th oldest team in the nation. That means that we do not lack experience. 

GW amazingly isnt the worst Free Throw shooting team in the country. In fact they are 303rd best Free Throw shooting team. wow. At least we are not Morgan St. (who is ranked 319th in Free Throw%) .. Oh Wait.. they just beat UMD and boast a better RPI. This is the same program that went 4-26 three seasons ago..You think their coach Todd Bozeman may want to be reunited with his brother (Mike is the women's head coach)? How sick would that be? And if he is successful on the court, GW can say they gave somebody a second chance to get back into the spotlight despite his previous troubles. Everybody deserves a 2nd chance including Todd Bozeman.


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