Monday, January 12, 2009

Hobbs on the Hot Seat!!!

Unlike many institutions at GW, the sports section of the GW Hatchet does its job correctly. If you haven't read this article in today's hatchet, it is a necessary read. 

Some of the quotes from this article include.

"But Hobbs will not be fired this season, said Robert Chernak...who oversees athletics...acknowledged, though, that the University may have to "make some changes" if the team does not finish 12th or better in the A-10 and subsequently misses the conference tournament for a second straight year."

- So it seems that we must root for Hobbs to seriously mess something up legally OR lose many games. Personally I want us to run the table and do well in the A-10. Yet, for us to get rid of the devil it seems we have to sacrifice a campaign. We may just have to take a step backwards to take two steps forward.

"In this situation, you can't ignore that if the season goes really south and sour we would have to some real heart-to-heart conversations with Coach Hobbs in terms of what we expect going forward if he wants to remain coach at GW," said Chernak"

- In my opinion we are basically in the Florida Keys in terms how south this program has gone. Three players kicked off last season including 1 award winning senior. Losing 5 in a row to major powerhouses (including Longwood, Hawaii, Coppin St.).

"When asked the reason for the team's losses in Hawaii, Hobbs said the problems stemmed from players "not being mature enough and understanding the importance of being in a tournament and getting themselves mentally ready for games." Later, he acknowledged the responsibility of making sure the team is prepared partly lies with him."

-He is a comedian. Preparation lies FULLY with him. He is the coach. If the team does not understand the gameplan who is to blame? The players or the head coach? If the American army is not prepared to handle a certain war who is to blame the soldiers or the commander? THE COMMANDER. Coach, YOU ARE NOT MATURE ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BEING A COACH.

"Hobbs added. "The loyal fans, I know who they are. The people who understand what we're doing as a basketball program, that's who I listen to."

-Who are these people? Your wife, momma, and uncle Joe? Or is it your car salesman. Since you love collecting expensive cars why don't you skip practice and go shopping. Practice seems pointless at this point. Hell the players apparently aren't mature enough, right?

I will leave you with this. Who looks immature in this picture. the players or the coach? Way to throw your players under the bus.

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