Friday, January 16, 2009

Last year's SLU Game

We Sucked Last Year. We Just Stink this Year.

Thats All.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

X gone. Joe next?

So X has left GW. The same guy who was named Oklahoma 5A MVP and was offered scholarships by BCS schools and decent mid-majors who would defeat the current GW squad without breaking a sweat. Granted X is a challenged offensive player who may have been the best player on the squad in terms of "taking the ball to the hoop".  Unfortunately his drives rarely led to points. He now leaves GW with a abysmal FG and a even worse FT shooting percentage. Yet even with his offensive shortfalls one can argue that he was one Hobbs' better defenders and a great athlete

Let's not focus on X but Hobbs. He has now "recruited" four players who have left GW for various reasons in the last 12 months.  Are there any other basketball program in the country have had four players leave school for reasons not involving "legal issues". I really doubt so. Not only is Hobbs playing musical chairs with the substitution pattern on the court but also the team's roster. How bad must have X been treated at GW if he CHOOSE to leave GW in the middle of the season. This rate has got to hurt our recruiting efforts. It also proves that Hobbs cannot recruit kids that (a) he can get along with (b) survive at GW and (c) play at a DI level (ex. shoot see Chey Moore, Beatty, X).

This brings us to our next question... who does Lord Hobbs kick off the island next.

FKH odds are listed below

  • Jabari- 50-1. Sees very minimal playing time. rarely dresses up. Koundjia has dressed up more often this season than Jabari has.
  • Johnny Lee- 25-1. He realizes Hobbs is an idiot and punches him in the face.
  • Matty All- 250-1. He knows no DI program (including winless NJIT) wants him so he stays for the full ride.
  • Opoku-150-1. Hobbs Loves Him still....I guess Hobbs has yet to see him play because he has been too busy kicking people off the team.
  • Katuka- 8-5. Odds on favorite right now. Hasn't seen action in the last couple of games. When Jabari gets more PT, you must be in the doghouse.
  • Hollis- 20-1. Says f*** you Hobbs. Leaves before season ends. Goes pro. Signs with a team in Europe. 
  • Diggs- 300-1. If Hobbs ever kicked this man-child out of Foggy Bottom, he would most definitelyfollow.
  • Hobbs- 2-1. Gets upset at himself for failing to catch a ball that gets deflected his way. As a result he banishes himself during the next timeout. GW goes undefeated the rest of the way as Diggs avgs 20/10 and Spoon helps him out with a solid 15pts 5 rebs 3 ast per game.

For Some Reason Karl Hobbs Plays Johnny Lee for the entire second half and GW blows a game they lead the whole way

The GW Men's Basketball team lost their sixth straight game today to the Duquesne University Dukes tonight, blowing a 70-60 lead with seven minutes to go and eventually losing 88-83.

It took a lot to lose this game, but Karl Hobbs figured out a way. Playing a 5'8 walk-on guard for the last ten minutes probably contibuted, as did the continuing random substitutions which made the entire game look like a game of musical chairs.

Our team showed flashes of brilliance again tonight, with Rob Diggs going off for 25 points and Wilmore and Witherspoon contributing sound games as well. However, at the end it looked as if the Colonials knew they were going to lose even before they let the lead slip away. There was no sense of urgency as the lead dwindled slowly and surely throughout the second half. A few missed clutch free throws by Lee and Diggs and a ton of wide-open threes for the Dukes sealed the loss in the end.

The fundamental question that comes to mind after seeing the Colonials play their best half of basketball this season and then just complete implode down the stretch is: Why did Johnny Lee remain on the court for the entire collapse. He is a great story, and a kind of cult-hero on GW's campus, but it is embarrassing for our team to have him RUNNING THE POINT during cruch time of an important A-10 battle. The moves made by our "coach" continue to baffle me.


UPDATED: Dukes Game on TV, X Gone

Here are the links

Hatchet Blog

We at FKH are stunned to see the 4th person in less than a year to get kicked off the team. We will find out at tip-off wont we. More later.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Not that Hobbs was really going for a at-large when he scheduled Sac St., Longwood, UMBC, and Binghampton as part of a ruthless Out-of-Conference schedule. According to the Ken Pomeroy Ratings we are ranked 244 out of 344.

Note the best win  Hobbs has is against American. has us finishing 10-18 and 4-12 in the A-10. I think they are factoring the fact that Hobbs is going to get fired before we play Fordham on Feb. 7th

Since Hobbs called us a "young team". We are FKH would just like to say that of the 7 teams that Hobbs has lost to, 4 of them have had younger teams. Hobbs is fielding the 157th oldest team in the nation. That means that we do not lack experience. 

GW amazingly isnt the worst Free Throw shooting team in the country. In fact they are 303rd best Free Throw shooting team. wow. At least we are not Morgan St. (who is ranked 319th in Free Throw%) .. Oh Wait.. they just beat UMD and boast a better RPI. This is the same program that went 4-26 three seasons ago..You think their coach Todd Bozeman may want to be reunited with his brother (Mike is the women's head coach)? How sick would that be? And if he is successful on the court, GW can say they gave somebody a second chance to get back into the spotlight despite his previous troubles. Everybody deserves a 2nd chance including Todd Bozeman.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Hobbs on the Hot Seat!!!

Unlike many institutions at GW, the sports section of the GW Hatchet does its job correctly. If you haven't read this article in today's hatchet, it is a necessary read. 

Some of the quotes from this article include.

"But Hobbs will not be fired this season, said Robert Chernak...who oversees athletics...acknowledged, though, that the University may have to "make some changes" if the team does not finish 12th or better in the A-10 and subsequently misses the conference tournament for a second straight year."

- So it seems that we must root for Hobbs to seriously mess something up legally OR lose many games. Personally I want us to run the table and do well in the A-10. Yet, for us to get rid of the devil it seems we have to sacrifice a campaign. We may just have to take a step backwards to take two steps forward.

"In this situation, you can't ignore that if the season goes really south and sour we would have to some real heart-to-heart conversations with Coach Hobbs in terms of what we expect going forward if he wants to remain coach at GW," said Chernak"

- In my opinion we are basically in the Florida Keys in terms how south this program has gone. Three players kicked off last season including 1 award winning senior. Losing 5 in a row to major powerhouses (including Longwood, Hawaii, Coppin St.).

"When asked the reason for the team's losses in Hawaii, Hobbs said the problems stemmed from players "not being mature enough and understanding the importance of being in a tournament and getting themselves mentally ready for games." Later, he acknowledged the responsibility of making sure the team is prepared partly lies with him."

-He is a comedian. Preparation lies FULLY with him. He is the coach. If the team does not understand the gameplan who is to blame? The players or the head coach? If the American army is not prepared to handle a certain war who is to blame the soldiers or the commander? THE COMMANDER. Coach, YOU ARE NOT MATURE ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BEING A COACH.

"Hobbs added. "The loyal fans, I know who they are. The people who understand what we're doing as a basketball program, that's who I listen to."

-Who are these people? Your wife, momma, and uncle Joe? Or is it your car salesman. Since you love collecting expensive cars why don't you skip practice and go shopping. Practice seems pointless at this point. Hell the players apparently aren't mature enough, right?

I will leave you with this. Who looks immature in this picture. the players or the coach? Way to throw your players under the bus.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Picture of the Week.

He should just quit to save himself from further embarrasment.  If this was what he was doing during the 2nd half, he must have been running out of the building in the first half. Now that I mention it, he should have just left the building so the team can relax and play their game without being yelled at every 10 seconds.

The Dirtiest Stats of the GW season.

  • Diggs 13 games only 11 started. He should be starting every game.
  • Tony Taylor 29.2 min per game. Leads the team in min. A freshman is leading the team in minutes. Granted he can be good someday but with multiple seniors on the team how is he getting the most min?
  • TT shooting .307% from the field. and he has taken the fourth most attempts. He is shooting better from 3pt range. (.310%).
  • X is shooting guess what .325 from the FT line. 
  • Spoon has YET to go to the line. WOW.
  • Team is shooting .627% from the line. Thats just not acceptable. 
  • Seldom played Opoku has 31 fouls in 146 min. Thats a foul every 4min and 45 sec.
  • They say in every sport that you hae to take care of the ball to have a chance to win:
  • Diggs 9 ast. 36 To. Hollis 13 ast. 35 To. Only three players have a favorable ratio TT (37/25) King (34/24) and surprisingly Spoon (20/5). WHY DOESNT SPOON PLAY AS MUCH AS TT?
  • On the year GW Ast/To ratio is 200/158.

You cant win if you dont take care of the ball and fail to make your Free Throws.

This is this coach's job to make sure that turnovers are held to a minimum. He is also supposed to teach them how to shoot.

Embarrassing Season Continues with 60-48 Loss to Richmond

The Colonials Lost their fifth straight game last night, 60-48, to the University of Richmond Spiders. A furious second half rally was not enough to bring GW back, as they found themselves down 34-14 at halftime.

Karl Hobbs explained the latest in a string of embarrassing losses by saying "we're a young team". YOUNG????? Our "best" players are Diggs, Spoon, Wilmore, and Hollis; 3 seniors and 1 junior. Young indeed.

For some reason Diggs, BY FAR OUR BEST PLAYER, sat for almost ten minutes in the first half as Wilmore, King, and Taylor threw up ridiculous shots after wasting the shot clock by passing the ball around near mid-court. The second half rally was 100% Diggs and Spoon. OH MY GOD WHAT A SHOCK.

This season is getting ridiculous. Mediocre high school basketball teams could have score as many baskets (3) as we did against a below-average A-10 team. It was by far the worst half of basketball I witnessed in my 3 years at GW, and probably the worst display by any athletic team I have ever seen in my life.