Tuesday, July 7, 2009

NewsFlash "Hobbs to be named Charlotte Bobcats Head Coach in...2019"

We are predicting that our main man Karl Hobbs will be a head coach in the NBA in a decade. This is only of course if history repeats itself. Apparently some old fart by the name of John Dewitt Kuester Jr. will be the next head coach of the Detroit Pistons. This is the same guy that went 1-27 in 1988-1989 with The George Washington University. In fact, he never had a winning season with GW which was his actual head coaching job. If history repeats itself we only need to ride out this midget and years from now he will some how find a way to terrorize opposing teams with his complicated offensive plays. We at FKH can't wait to watch Hobbs ruin an NBA franchise and yell at people during a press conference. Do you think NBA players will take him seriously? We do not think so. Hell, college kids do not even take him seriously.