Thursday, December 17, 2009

FKH is back!

Due to ridiculous substitution patterns by Hobbs, we have decided to come back regardless of the team's surprising record. While Hobbs does deserve some credit for this record, we FKHers would like to congratulate the players and Brian Ellerbe on being the main reason our GW Colonials have a winning record.

We would like to point out that during the Providence game, Freshman Sensation and over all good guy Lasan Kromah had 13 points at halftime. With 15 min left in the game Hobbs decides to yank Kromah out until 7 min left in the game Why was our 2nd best shooter riding the bench during a high-scoring game?

Did he think we were going to mcut a 13 pt deficit with a line up of Katuka, Pellom, Tony Taylor, Bynes, and Ware? If Hollis and Kromah dont play down the stretch, we will struggle to score 60+ against any DI team. The reason why Hobbs cant beat a BCS team is because he has a tough time differentiating between our best players and our scrubs.