Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Dirtiest Stats of the GW season.

  • Diggs 13 games only 11 started. He should be starting every game.
  • Tony Taylor 29.2 min per game. Leads the team in min. A freshman is leading the team in minutes. Granted he can be good someday but with multiple seniors on the team how is he getting the most min?
  • TT shooting .307% from the field. and he has taken the fourth most attempts. He is shooting better from 3pt range. (.310%).
  • X is shooting guess what .325 from the FT line. 
  • Spoon has YET to go to the line. WOW.
  • Team is shooting .627% from the line. Thats just not acceptable. 
  • Seldom played Opoku has 31 fouls in 146 min. Thats a foul every 4min and 45 sec.
  • They say in every sport that you hae to take care of the ball to have a chance to win:
  • Diggs 9 ast. 36 To. Hollis 13 ast. 35 To. Only three players have a favorable ratio TT (37/25) King (34/24) and surprisingly Spoon (20/5). WHY DOESNT SPOON PLAY AS MUCH AS TT?
  • On the year GW Ast/To ratio is 200/158.

You cant win if you dont take care of the ball and fail to make your Free Throws.

This is this coach's job to make sure that turnovers are held to a minimum. He is also supposed to teach them how to shoot.

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