Wednesday, January 14, 2009

X gone. Joe next?

So X has left GW. The same guy who was named Oklahoma 5A MVP and was offered scholarships by BCS schools and decent mid-majors who would defeat the current GW squad without breaking a sweat. Granted X is a challenged offensive player who may have been the best player on the squad in terms of "taking the ball to the hoop".  Unfortunately his drives rarely led to points. He now leaves GW with a abysmal FG and a even worse FT shooting percentage. Yet even with his offensive shortfalls one can argue that he was one Hobbs' better defenders and a great athlete

Let's not focus on X but Hobbs. He has now "recruited" four players who have left GW for various reasons in the last 12 months.  Are there any other basketball program in the country have had four players leave school for reasons not involving "legal issues". I really doubt so. Not only is Hobbs playing musical chairs with the substitution pattern on the court but also the team's roster. How bad must have X been treated at GW if he CHOOSE to leave GW in the middle of the season. This rate has got to hurt our recruiting efforts. It also proves that Hobbs cannot recruit kids that (a) he can get along with (b) survive at GW and (c) play at a DI level (ex. shoot see Chey Moore, Beatty, X).

This brings us to our next question... who does Lord Hobbs kick off the island next.

FKH odds are listed below

  • Jabari- 50-1. Sees very minimal playing time. rarely dresses up. Koundjia has dressed up more often this season than Jabari has.
  • Johnny Lee- 25-1. He realizes Hobbs is an idiot and punches him in the face.
  • Matty All- 250-1. He knows no DI program (including winless NJIT) wants him so he stays for the full ride.
  • Opoku-150-1. Hobbs Loves Him still....I guess Hobbs has yet to see him play because he has been too busy kicking people off the team.
  • Katuka- 8-5. Odds on favorite right now. Hasn't seen action in the last couple of games. When Jabari gets more PT, you must be in the doghouse.
  • Hollis- 20-1. Says f*** you Hobbs. Leaves before season ends. Goes pro. Signs with a team in Europe. 
  • Diggs- 300-1. If Hobbs ever kicked this man-child out of Foggy Bottom, he would most definitelyfollow.
  • Hobbs- 2-1. Gets upset at himself for failing to catch a ball that gets deflected his way. As a result he banishes himself during the next timeout. GW goes undefeated the rest of the way as Diggs avgs 20/10 and Spoon helps him out with a solid 15pts 5 rebs 3 ast per game.

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  1. My sources tell me that Matt turned down 13 top D-1 programs before enrolling at GW. I'm sure he would have no problem going to another D-1 program. Not many H.s. kids make 246 3's and score over 2.100 points in H.S.. He's now 6-5 and still growing. However, Matt will probably stay to prove his critics wrong, but he needs pt to do so.