Saturday, January 3, 2009

Would you rather have.... Hobbs or McKeown?

According to the Hatchet

"Hobbs is a surprise pick by the University. Women's head coach Joe McKeown, who has coached GW's nationally ranked program for 12 years, interviewed twice for the job and was offered the position, according to a May 6 Washington Post article. McKeown said GW never made an offer to him. He pulled his name from contention Friday. ..
Hobbs beat out Kevin Clarke, a former associate head coach at GW and a current associate under Mike Jarvis at St John's University. Both McKeown and Clarke had interviewed Saturday for the position. They were the leading contenders for the position after University of North Carolina-Greensboro head coach Fran McCaffery withdrew his name Friday."

Granted Hobbs has led GW to three NCAAs but wouldnt we want a "nice and well meaning guy" as a coach. Not saying McKeown would have had neither more nor less success than Hobbs but it would be nice knowing that the guy running the men's program does not have a Ego the size of the Verizon Center.

Personally McKeown might not be the better recruiter but I can guarentee you that he would not have lost his team and a game (against Coppin St.) in the same day. Also he does not make mass subs when his team makes a run. Interestingly he is known to still have timeouts remaining with more than 12 min left in the game.

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