Monday, June 22, 2009

[Updated]: Hobbs gets a new man-toy.

It goes by the name of Brian Ellerbe who will be Hobbs' assistant this year as Mr. Brooks left for his alma mater Bowie State.  Brian here is a Maryland native who coincidentally went to Bowie High. He coached @ Loyola-Md from 94-97 and then @ U-Mich.  from 97-01 where he was 2 games over .500.  He managed to win the Big Ten Tournament. Yet, most of his wins have been nullified due to the GREAT Chris Webber Scandal. In 98 his Big Blue squad was placed in the same South region as GW. He advanced to the 2nd round while GW did not. More on this hiring and the long term effects on Hobbs' sanity. We will also dig up where Mr. Ellerbe has been hiding during the Bush Administration. FKH puts our odds on Ellerbe chilling in Africa with Dave Chapelle in South Africa. 


According to Sir Brian's online CV from the years '01-'03, he could have been either in Michigan (watching the beginning of the end of GM), Darkar, Senegal (in search for the next Mouhamed Sene), or with previously mentioned Dave Chappelle. However starting May of 2004 he decided to get off his ass and go to work (but not as a coach). In fact as the Vice President of Corporate Development of this company called Madison Grace Construction Services LLC in Las Vegas, NV. This has been his last position that he has held until now of course. How can Hobbs manage to hire someone that hasn't been in the game for more than 8 years. Will his company exec skills translate into player development? I doubt those skills translate into teaching  the fundamentals of basketball not only to Karl Hobbs but to incoming Freshman. 

The bad about Mr. Ellerbe from the Detroit Free-Press.

"The Brian Ellerbe era was a disaster, of course – worse, even, than people remember. Over a three-year period, Ellerbe signed 14 recruits. Nine never made it past their freshman season, mostly for acting like they were in a sequel to Animal House."

Ouch. If this trend continues for Ellerbe at GW. We wont notice a difference because, the same thing has been happening under Hobbs for the last couple of years. I guess when you have hit rock bottom, you really cant get any worse. This brings us ladies and gentlemen to BRIAN "I dont give a f***" ELLERBE.

PS. I think Coach (if we can even call him that) Hobbs would like for you to update your LinkedIn account. We hear Hoobs is anxious to show us that someone in this world is still willing to associate themself with his horrid program. We would also like Mr. Ellerbe to change his interests to solely "college basketball". We want him to cut all this "college football" and "playing golf" crap out.