Sunday, January 25, 2009

Colonials Fall for Ninth Straight Game in Another Heart-Breaking Loss

The George Washington University Colonials (6-11) lost their ninth straight game on Sunday afternoon, 94-89 in Double Overtime to the Rams of the University of Rhode Island.

What can you say about a game like this? I watched the whole game and thought we played amazing. Diggs was awesome with 20 points and 6 boards (though he fouled out waaaayyyyyyyyy too early), Ware showed more flashes of brilliance, and Wilmore hit some amazingly clutch shots and freethrows.

The game came down to 2 possessions the Colonials had at the end of regulation and OT when the game was tied and we had the ball with 15+ seconds left. Both plays were absolutely horrible and ended up amounting to nothing. This is unnaceptable and execution HAS to be better in these clutch situations.

The fact is.....we fold under pressure. We play great first halfs against good teams and then still lose EVERY GAME. This is the fourth straight game we have had the lead at halftime, only to see it slip away slowly but surely throughout the rest of the game.

We have the talent to be an average or even above average A10 team, of that I am sure. Diggs, Hollis, Wilmore, and Spoon are all legit A10 starters and TT, ware, TK1, and others can contribute when needed. The execution just isnt there all the time. We need better training, better coaching, and most importantly a BETTER COACH.

I feel so damn bad for these guys who I honestly believe are busting their asses every day to try and win for the fans of GW. I place ZERO percent of the blame on any of the players. A COACH NEEDS TO BE A MAN AND STEP UP AND TAKE THE BLAME. HOBBS NEVER DOES THIS. HE BLAMES THE FANS, PLAYERS, AND EVERYONE BESIDES HIMSELF.


To Diggs, Hollis, Spoon, TK1, and everyone else.....keep on keepin on we'll always be here to support you.

  • "They kids are coming to practicing hard. They are coming to practice" Wow! They come to practice. What a great motivator.
  • When asked what the difference in the game was Hobbs answered, "They made more shots than we did." No really? Wow.
  • "Phyicalness" Is that a word?
  • When aked why Katuka did not play. The reporter asked if he was injured. "No... I really dont understand the question. I know you guys look for things...It is hard for me to talk about Joesph Katuka. You can ask me why Peter [Laplante] didnt play....It is not fair to Joesph Katuka for me to talk about Joseph Katuka." Jesus. So first of all Hobbs is a douche but we all knew that. We didnt know that he equates Katuka's basketball ability to Laplante's. Now that is a diss if I ever saw one. We think its fair that Hobbs is honest with us and Katuka on why Katuka didnt play. He perfectly understood that question. He chose to be a DOUCHE.

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