Saturday, January 3, 2009

GW Loses Nail-biter to Longwood 80-78

That is not a typo............

The George Washington Univeristy Colonials (6-6) just lost to the Longwood Lancers (7-8) to extend their losing streak to 4 games.

Perhaps it is the extremely tough schedule that has led to 4 consecutive losses, as GW has recently battled such powerhouses as University of Hawaii and Coppin State.

Like that last line, this season is becoming a joke. This team and its coach are bringing shame to our university. This program is in need of a complete overhaul and it starts with Karl Hobbs, whose rediculous substitutions and random benchings are the root of this god-awful season.

On a somewhat positive note, my two favorite Colonials, Rob Diggs and Travis "TK1" King both had solid games, with Diggs scoring 20 points and and King adding 14 with 6 assists.

It was all for naught though, as GW lost AGAIN. As the we reach the begining of conference play, one can only wonder WHEN WILL IT END???????

Would you rather have.... Hobbs or McKeown?

According to the Hatchet

"Hobbs is a surprise pick by the University. Women's head coach Joe McKeown, who has coached GW's nationally ranked program for 12 years, interviewed twice for the job and was offered the position, according to a May 6 Washington Post article. McKeown said GW never made an offer to him. He pulled his name from contention Friday. ..
Hobbs beat out Kevin Clarke, a former associate head coach at GW and a current associate under Mike Jarvis at St John's University. Both McKeown and Clarke had interviewed Saturday for the position. They were the leading contenders for the position after University of North Carolina-Greensboro head coach Fran McCaffery withdrew his name Friday."

Granted Hobbs has led GW to three NCAAs but wouldnt we want a "nice and well meaning guy" as a coach. Not saying McKeown would have had neither more nor less success than Hobbs but it would be nice knowing that the guy running the men's program does not have a Ego the size of the Verizon Center.

Personally McKeown might not be the better recruiter but I can guarentee you that he would not have lost his team and a game (against Coppin St.) in the same day. Also he does not make mass subs when his team makes a run. Interestingly he is known to still have timeouts remaining with more than 12 min left in the game.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss......this team just lost to Vermont and Hawaii!?!?!?!?!?

Hint.. he is in the middle.

Does this look like a team that just lost to Vermont and Hawaii and is about to lose to Coppin State? Hope they all got a tan though because that is the most important part.

Notice Spoon got banished to the back in this team photo. Does Hobbs hate him that much?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hobbs and the BCS

1-15 against the BCS on the road. 15 straight loses. 15 in a row. Even teams such as Illinois Chicago have beaten multiple BCS teams on the road in recent years. 

After the recent the Auburn game Hobbs stated in his Hobbsian way. "I think they're better teams - that's what's different. "We're GW and we're coming in here trying to beat an SEC team. It's always difficult."

Sir you are not GW. Is he saying that if he had better players he could beat SEC teams? Isn't that usually the case. Essentially he is saying that if he had a SEC caliber team he could beat a SEC team. Genius. In that case sign me up for a head coaching job. (and also pay me half a million per year)

DC Funny Man Writes up on "FKH"

Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post blog and possibly my idol since 2007 write about Fire Karl Hobbs.   Don't worry sir we will pace ourselves. Your thunder is our thunder.


Hobbs excels with U-10 USA team

According to

"During the summer of 2007 USA Basketball selected Coach Hobbs to serve as an assistant coach for the U-10 World Championships. Hobbs and Team USA brought home the silver medal in a closely contested championship game against the host Serbia."

Hobbs Bio

If Acting does not work out for him, I am sure the Prince George's County Pee-Wee Basketball League could use a "star" coach for one of their teams.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Newsflash: Hobbs' can act better than he can coach!

Maybe he should stop making commercials and hit the recruiting trail or take some lessons from John Thompson on how when to exactly call a timeout.

Hobbs' Acting Debut.


GWU BASKETBALL FANS.........please use this topic to post your favorite Karl Hobbs quotes

Here is one of mine

I think (how I act on the sidelines) is a product of my competitiveness," Hobbs said. "I think it's a product of my passion to win. And to me, there's nothing more important than winning. I'm just so desperate to win, and I think sometimes I have to control it and not let that get the best of me."-Karl Hobbs


Coppin St. WTF!

Hobbsie just lost to a team that was not only 0-10 against DI opponents but got manhandled but Dayton and Richmond. If they lost by double-digits to these two A10 teams I wonder how much Hobbs is going to lose by to Richmond in less than 3 weeks from now. 

Some quick Coppin St. facts. 

  • 16-21 last year.
  • Lost 4 Starters and retained the Powerful MEAC POY who suprising played all 40 min agsint GW. Hmmmm... I guess we are keeping Diggs (13 Min) Hollis (20 Min) and Spoon (who hasnt seen the floor since playing ~10 min against American) rested so we can make a HUGE RUN for the A-10 regular season championship title.
  • Were the play in team last year in the tourny. That theam Lost to a team we crushed last yr (Mt. St. Mary's)
  • Coppin St beat a D3 school in Delaware called Wilmington 94-73. We could not even put up more pts than a D3 school. Could Hobbs lead us to victory against the Wilmington Univerisity Wildcats? This school just became a "official University"

Karl Hobbs is a disgrace to our University

A basketball coach has 3 jobs: to recruit players, to teach them a few good plays, and to control his players on and off the court. For years now he has failed in all three of these aspects of coaching. He is paid an absurd amount to go out there every day and lose to the likes of Vermont, Hawaii, and the 1-10 powerhouse that is Coppin State. Our premier player, Rob Diggs, sits on the bench for the majority of the game, while he sends out Noel Wilmore to jack up threes for 20 minutes and prays that over a third of them go in. It is time for our university to take a stand against Karl Hobbs and his awful, awful coaching methods.


It is time

to Fire Karl Hobbs.