Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Career Ruined: Xavier Alexander

I seems as if Xavier Alexander is going to play some NAIA ball next year for Southern Nazarene University. The once highly touted recruit who turned down multiple BCS schools has fallen hard. While SNU's academics (100% acceptance rate) is nothing to brag about, their basketball team did manage to win 20 games last season. So it looks like X is going from an A-10 school to a decent NAIA program back home. At least it is a better situation than what Miles Beatty and the recently graduated Chey Moore are in. In all honesty if Matt Allbritton could get on a D-1 team, there is no reason X couldn't. The most disturbing part of this whole ordeal is that, the school waited 4 months to release X from the program. Yet, X is another example of how Hobbs managed to turn a highly touted recruit (who has the backing of the future number 1 NBA draft pick) into just another transfer to an NAIA school . Way to screw the kid over... Was Hobbsie afraid that X may go to another A-10 school?

Our favorite quote from the article 

Keep in mind that X left GW in Jan. We wish him the best and hopes he makes his free throws. FKH would like to wager that his free throw % goes up at least 20% at SNU because they have REAL coaches.

"After leaving GW, Alexander didn't get his release until late May. Waiting four months to get his release made it tough to find a home since schools couldn't contact the former Oklahoman Super Five member. Once he did receive the release, many Division I schools, including OU and Oklahoma State, no longer had scholarships available."

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kopono-Evans Trade that forces Pops out.

Maybe the honorary mayor of Foggy Bottom can come coach the Colonials this year because it looks like the Raptors trade for Reggie Evans essentially is a move to replace Pops. 

"The first impact is that it probably spells the end of Pops Mensah-Bonsu's career in Toronto. While he was an immediate fan favorite with his hustle and energy, Evans simply does the same things a lot better and with a lot more consistency. Evans simply takes that role a step further and makes a player like Pops redundant."

So where does Pops go now?