Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For Some Reason Karl Hobbs Plays Johnny Lee for the entire second half and GW blows a game they lead the whole way

The GW Men's Basketball team lost their sixth straight game today to the Duquesne University Dukes tonight, blowing a 70-60 lead with seven minutes to go and eventually losing 88-83.

It took a lot to lose this game, but Karl Hobbs figured out a way. Playing a 5'8 walk-on guard for the last ten minutes probably contibuted, as did the continuing random substitutions which made the entire game look like a game of musical chairs.

Our team showed flashes of brilliance again tonight, with Rob Diggs going off for 25 points and Wilmore and Witherspoon contributing sound games as well. However, at the end it looked as if the Colonials knew they were going to lose even before they let the lead slip away. There was no sense of urgency as the lead dwindled slowly and surely throughout the second half. A few missed clutch free throws by Lee and Diggs and a ton of wide-open threes for the Dukes sealed the loss in the end.

The fundamental question that comes to mind after seeing the Colonials play their best half of basketball this season and then just complete implode down the stretch is: Why did Johnny Lee remain on the court for the entire collapse. He is a great story, and a kind of cult-hero on GW's campus, but it is embarrassing for our team to have him RUNNING THE POINT during cruch time of an important A-10 battle. The moves made by our "coach" continue to baffle me.


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