Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hobbs and the BCS

1-15 against the BCS on the road. 15 straight loses. 15 in a row. Even teams such as Illinois Chicago have beaten multiple BCS teams on the road in recent years. 

After the recent the Auburn game Hobbs stated in his Hobbsian way. "I think they're better teams - that's what's different. "We're GW and we're coming in here trying to beat an SEC team. It's always difficult."

Sir you are not GW. Is he saying that if he had better players he could beat SEC teams? Isn't that usually the case. Essentially he is saying that if he had a SEC caliber team he could beat a SEC team. Genius. In that case sign me up for a head coaching job. (and also pay me half a million per year)


  1. I personally think he is doing the best he can.