Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Karl Hobbs is a disgrace to our University

A basketball coach has 3 jobs: to recruit players, to teach them a few good plays, and to control his players on and off the court. For years now he has failed in all three of these aspects of coaching. He is paid an absurd amount to go out there every day and lose to the likes of Vermont, Hawaii, and the 1-10 powerhouse that is Coppin State. Our premier player, Rob Diggs, sits on the bench for the majority of the game, while he sends out Noel Wilmore to jack up threes for 20 minutes and prays that over a third of them go in. It is time for our university to take a stand against Karl Hobbs and his awful, awful coaching methods.



  1. It's really not the loses or poor play that has soured me on Hobbs, since that happens to most programs at one point or another. It's the constant list of excuses Hobbs employs after any loss. He never accepts responsibility for anything wrong with the team or program. It's always the players fault for not playing hard enough, bringing a sense of urgency, or just having talent to compete (since he's been forced to look for "character over talent" in recruiting.

    If Hobbs was ever honest with the GW basketball community and didn't shuffle blame, a lot more of us would be sticking with him during these trying times.

  2. If hobbs is forced to look for character over talent...can someone please explain Maurice Rice?

  3. The connection is obvious. As soon as it became difficult for Hobbs to recruit players who couldn't read the program went South. And does anyone believe that Jack Kravancz didn't know that the team was filled with athletic players who shouldn't be in college at all. City schools like Xavier, Dayton, St. Joe's and and Temple are able to develop and retain more than respectable programs. There is reason a wealthy- and incredibly expensive- school in the Nation's Capital can't do at least as well. Finally, the school got rid of Stephen Joel Embarrasment. Unless the new guy is just as bad he should dump both Kravancz and the more than pathetic Hobbs.